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SILVER              2020      Ontario Winter Games U18

CHAMPIONS    2020      MISL U13 - First Division

CHAMPIONS    2019      Ontario Futsal Cup U17

CHAMPIONS    2019      MISL U15 - First Division

CHAMPIONS    2018      MISL U14 - First Division

CHAMPIONS    2017      PHSA U13 - Premier Division

CHAMPIONS    2017      PHSA U13 - Futsal

CHAMPIONS    2017      MISL U13 - First Division

CHAMPIONS    2016      PHSA U13 - Elite Division

CHAMPIONS    2014      Tottenham Cup USA U13

2016 - U18 Team vs Canadian Women's National Team 

FCT'S Rep Program is an intense and comprehensive program that focuses on training and maximum play and exposure to Futsal, Indoor Soccer and Outdoor Soccer.


The program goes beyond the typical rep offerings as it also includes Beach Soccer, a High Performance Training Camp and International tours.  As well Rep Players are also eligible to join the FCT High Performance Program at preferred pricing.

The extra offerings enhance the Clubs focus on training and development while at the same time providing opportunities for its members to enjoy and love the game even more.  It is consistent to the Club's relentless pursuit in improving young soccer players and placing the ball at their feet as much as possible.  


U9 – U12


Peel Halton Development Leauge (Indoor / Outdoor)

Peel Halton Futsal League

Mississauga Youth Soccer League

All Rep Teams train 3 times a week for a 1.5 hour training sessions.


U13 - U14

Elite Division

Golden Horseshoe Soccer League

Peel Halton Futsal League

Mississauga Youth Soccer League


All Rep Teams train 3 times a week for a 1.5 hour training sessions.

U16 - U18

Elite Division

Golden Horseshoe Soccer League

Peel Halton Futsal League

Mississauga Youth Soccer League


All Rep Teams train 3 times a week for a 1.5 hour training sessions.

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Like FIFA who embraced the game and made it part of their football portfolio, FCT similarly has also embraced the game and includes it as part of its Rep training offering.  Although there currently is not any league play, FCT believes the exposure to the game not only creates a fun alternative for its members, but also sees it like FIFA, as an amazing and alternative way to develop skill and technique and at the same time improve speed, strength and overall fitness.

Beach soccer is one of the most spectacular and exciting sports on the planet showcasing flamboyant skills and vibrant play and is played in more than 130 countries.  Because it is played barefoot on sand, the foot sinking into the sand for each step requires a high level of fitness and incredible coordination.  


That is why beach soccer is an exciting alternative to traditional forms of physical exercise and coordination training for young soccer players.  It requires high speed and strength, and helps players improve their technical and tactical skills at the same time. Frequent bobbles, bounces and the unpredictable flight of the ball mean that players have to be mentally and physically prepared to deal with the unexpected.


Beach soccer also requires players to have clear tactical intelligence. Players must be adept at operating as both defender and attacker - but the goalkeeper’s role is the most important as the keeper marks the rhythm of the game and, to a certain extent, sets its pace. In trying to set up attacking moves, the goalkeeper operates almost like a quarterback, ever on the look out to launch offensive plays. The rapid changes in play, the constant striving for quick, direct finishing, and the various types of set pieces used in beach soccer all contribute to helping players develop their tactical understanding.

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When school is out, FCT offers an all-day High Performance Training Camp program for its members at no extra charge.  The day camp provides for longer and more intense training sessions, as well as competitive games and mini-tournaments.   The Camp also includes “non-soccer” days for other sports and/or team building exercises.  Teammates and Coaches have more time to bond together and grow as a unit together forging long term friendships and loyalty with their teammates.  

The High Performance Training Camp operates during the summer months from Monday to Thursday and from 9am to 4pm and is open to U9 to U17.


An added bonus – since training session are held during the day at the Summer Camp, evenings are no longer required for training sessions - allowing families to enjoy their summer evenings together or allow members to take part in other sports or activities in the evenings.

The Camp also includes an education component for members to enroll in the optional summer day courses such as Mathematics, Science, Robotics, etc…  organized and incorporated into the High Performance Summer Camp.  Parents do not need to worry about enrolling their kids in different summer camps – as the FCT Camp has it all!

The FCT High Performance Training Camp is also offered at an extra cost to non FCT members.  Contact us for more details. 

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