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FCT's focus is the development of its athletes which is why Futsal is at the core of the Club.  Futsal has been acknowledged and recommended by professional players and coaches as the most important and effective way to develop young soccer players.

Outdoor and Indoor soccer are also very important components with training and competition all year-round.

FCT only employs full time professionally trained and certified coaches with strong acumens to run intense and skilled driven training sessions both on the futsal court and on the soccer pitch.




Focusing on improving the athlete’s distribution, dribbling, first     touch, and 1 v 1 attacking and defending skills


Focusing on players physicality improving their strength, speed, body mechanics and agility


Focusing on the players mental competence, focus and toughness


Focusing on the players relationships on and off the field, maturity and leadership skills


Training sessions on and off the field are carefully designed to ensure that athletes develop as total and complete players.  Training sessions are meticulously planned by professional Technical Staff with clear objectives based on a pre-planned curriculum and/or adjusted to previous game play to focus on areas requiring more attention.  Rep training sessions are held three times a week for 1.5 to 2 hour durations.

FCT’s High Performance Program further enhances and expands on the development of players with daily training both on and off the field/court.  Players who are accepted into this program attend school either with the Toronto District School Board or the Peel District School Board for part of the day, and train on and off the field for the other part of the day.  See HP Program for more details.




When school is out, FCT offers a full day summer High Performance Training Camp for its members.  Players participate in daily intense and focused training, as well play and participate in other sports and team building activities.  

The camp operates during the summer months from Monday to Thursday and from 9am to 4pm and is open to players U9 to U17.

The FCT High Performance Training Camp is included for FCT Members, and is also open to non-FCT members who wish to participate. 

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FCT also embraces FIFA's other official soccer sport - Beach Soccer.  Members of the team will further enhance their technique and skill by being exposed to Beach Soccer. 

Both Beach Soccer is part of and included in the Rep Program.



Although FCT is serious and intense when it comes to training and development, FCT also recognizes the importance of family fun.  It is a way for the club to say thanks to our parents and show our appreciation.  The importance of a positive culture and team building is not just for the kids - but for the parents and the entire family as well.

To offer thanks our families, FCT has held events such as the FCT Futgolf Day or the FCT Summer BBQ that allow parents, kids and staff to get to know each other in an atmosphere that is outside of training or competition.  These events also provide fun ways to have fundraisers to support the kids, parents and their teams.  

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"In my younger days, I was fortunate enough to be raised by a family that loved soccer and encouraged me to get involved at a very young age.  Their passion and belief in me drove me to love the game - making it the love of my life.  The game grew in me and the desire to strive to be better and learn more truly encompassed who I was and what I was passionate about - it became part of me.

Having the opportunity to play professionally and compete on the international stage, it made me realize even more how amazing this game can be.  It made me realize that as Canadians, we are very lucky when it comes to Soccer.  Every community have multiple soccer fields with grass and goal posts.  Almost every child has a soccer ball and cleats.  This is very different to many countries around the world.  It is amazing to see how many children play organized soccer.  Yet, it perplexed me that Canada was so far behind in international play including participating at the World Cup.  How could this be when our children here are blessed with first world amenities and with the highest participation rate among all sports played by kids? 


Canada has some of the best athletes in the world – but why not soccer?

Is it because soccer is not taken seriously here in Canada – that it is just for fun?

Is it because Canadian kids are not being trained at the same intensity as other Canadian sports?

This disconnect drove me into the game even more, and grew a new passion in me.  I wanted to help Canadian kids not only love the game the way I did, but also help develop and train them so that they could compete at a high level and raise Canada’s place in the world of soccer. 


It would be my dream to see the next generation of kids not only participate at a higher level, but to be as competitive internationally raising Canada’s stature on the global scene, and even see kids not just dream of being professional hockey players or basketball players, but professional soccer players – here and abroad. 



FCT is an independently-operated sports organization providing affordable recreational & competitive programs for all athletes; inspiring to develop technically through FIFA’s Official sports in Ontario.


Be Canada’s preeminent complete club developing players in every Official FIFA sport (Futsal, Soccer, Beach Soccer).


  • Increase participation of individuals in the surrounding community through affordable and attainable development programs for all athletes.

  • Strive to develop and maintain our coaches through educational programs & clinics in turn producing a highly qualified coaching pool.

  • Committed to developing the growth of futsal locally, provincially and nationally by working with clubs, districts at the grassroots and senior level by offering programs and competition.

  • Empower leaders and volunteers within the community to participate in the growth of the game

  • Promote HONESTY, INTEGRITY and PROFESSIONALISM amongst our athletes making a full contribution to maintaining a positive image for youth sports in Canada and internationally.

  • Developing all aspects of all games through its various components: tactical, technical and psychological throughout our development programs.

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