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FCT provides opportunities for its players to participate in International friendlies and tournaments. 

In addition, through FCT's partnership and affiliation with Sports XXI Agency, a Pro European Scouting Agency, FCT players have the advantage to be scouted and train with Professional European Clubs. 

FCT believes the exposure to playing internationally allows for unique and unforgettable experiences in a professional setting, while also potentially creating a runway to a professional career.




FCT has partnered with ProPlayer Agency out of Portugal and Dubai. 


Sports XXI is a company dedicated to the career managmenet and commercial management of professional athletes.  The agency specializing in providing advertising, athlete management and scouting.

Sports XXI have extensive networks around the world allowing them to cater to the specific needs of their professional athlete clients and in turn fulfil the needs of their partners (professional clubs) around the globe.

FCT and Sports XXI arrangement and affiliation allows FCT coaches to identify and recommend players to Sports XXI for scouting and assessment.  As well, Sports XXI scouts and management also join FCT locally twice a year to scout and assess players in the players current team settings. 


Selected players will have the opportunity to travel to a selected European clubs including such as Sporting CP, Porto and Benfica in Portugal.  Players will have the opportunity to join the European Academy and train with that club for two week period two times a year.  This arrangement essentially places direct eyes on FCT players at a young age putting them on a pathway to hopefully sign a professional contract.  




FCT understands the importance of international exposure and the immense personal and team lessons gained from playing and training abroad.  There is simply nothing that can replace exposing players to different parts of the world and giving them the feeling of being part of a professional type of experience.

These experiences gained from travelling abroad as a team together, to boarding a bus to their games as a team together, to sharing meals together as a team, and to even site see and learning about new cities together provide players unforgettable memories and life lessons. 

More importantly, walking into a foreign locker room together as a team, and taking the pitch or court not only representing their team, but representing their country is a feeling that simply can not be replicated or even imagined.

Through FCT's partnerships and relationships with foreign clubs, sports and player agencies, FCT arranges a week tour once a year to places such as Spain, Portugal and even down south to CONCACAF countries like the Dominican Republic to be able to give FCT players these amazing opportunities.

FCT's First Team have participate in International and CONCACAF tournaments including:  

2014 - CONCACAF Futsal Club Championship, Guatemala

2015 - Intercontinental Futsal Championship, Brazil

2016 - International Friendly, USA